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As mentioned on our About Us page, we are dedicated to creating the most useful and valuable pet content on the web. We’ve found a lot of sites that tend to regurgitate pointless information or even worse, content generated by AI that fails every test out there.

That’s why we created The Pet Property. To provide useful and comprehensive information that is valuable for any pet owner. The information on this site is thoroughly researched, well written, and never outsourced or generated using automated tools. After all, that defeats the purpose of a helpful resource.

But with that being said, we know there’s always room to improve and implement your feedback. At the end of the day, this site is for you and if we can make it better, please let us know.

So with that said, do you have a comment? Want to leave us feedback on an article? Do you want us to write about a certain topic? Want to see something that we haven’t covered yet?

Send us a message for any and all inquiries about the site. If you see an inaccuracy or want more information, just let us know.