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Black and White Hamsters – Photos and More

Hamsters are a wonderful pet to own for a number of reasons. They’re safe, cuddly, fairly low maintenance, and can teach responsibility to young children. However lots of people have hamsters, so if you’re looking for all of those great qualities, but in a unique package, then you might consider getting a black and white hamster.

Black and white hamsters have a unique color scheme that isn’t all that common. But on the bright side, the needs and requirements are just like every other hamster. So you get a unique design in that same easy to care package.

For this article, we’re going to highlight a bunch of images of what black and white hamsters could look like as a pet in your home. And then we’ll cover some important and commonly asked questions about these teddy bear hamsters.

Feel free to click any of the links in the table of contents or just keep scrolling to see photos of black and white hamsters.

Table of Contents

    Photos of Black and White Hamsters

    First, let’s show you what these uniquely colored hamsters look like. Each of the following pictures below are what you can imagine your black and white hamster would look like if you owned one.

    Black and white hamster

    This one looks like a teddy bear, which is where they get their appropriate nickname of the teddy bear hamster. Doesn’t he just look like a tiny panda?

    Black and white hamster

    Some larger hamsters can be black and white as well, but make sure to feed your hamster a well-balanced diet so they can live long and happy lives.

    Black and white hamster

    Some of these hamsters have unique facial structures and designs. Every hamster is unique, but the black and white color scheme can make them stand out even more.

    Black and white hamster

    Others can be mostly white or mostly black with just a splash of the other color. This can make for some pretty awesome color schemes that will make your furry friend stand out.

    Black and white hamster

    But no matter the color, hamsters have that loving, curious, and active personality that has made them a popular household pet.

    Teddy bear hamster

    Sometimes these black and white hamsters can have even more colors, like brown or red in their fur because they aren’t limited to just 1 or 2 colors. However, if you’re going to take your hamster out of their cage, always be safe and watch them very closely.

    Teddy bear hamster

    You can even stage photo shoots with your furry friend against white or black backgrounds. You don’t need to be a professional photographer, just have fun with it.

    Teddy bear hamster

    As mentioned earlier, some hamsters can lean towards more color more than the other. But don’t be too picky on design. Every hamster needs a home and they’re all lovable and unique.

    Teddy bear hamster

    These black and white hamsters are colloquially known as teddy bear or panda hamsters because they look just like a miniature version of panda. How cool is that to own a mini panda?

    Teddy bear hamster

    But as always, you should take extra precautions to maintain a safe and healthy environment for your hamster. No matter their color, every hamster deserves a long and comfortable life.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Black and White Hamsters

    Now that we’ve gone over the fun images of black and white hamsters, let’s answer some of the most commonly asked questions. After all, owning a black and white hamster is still owning a hamster and there’s a lot to know so you can keep them happy and healthy.

    Are Black and White Hamsters Rare?

    Black and white hamsters are not rare, but they aren’t really common either. The most common colors are golden, black, cream, and cinnamon, which is what you’ll typically find in a pet store. A mix of black and white can be more difficult to find.

    However, you will occasionally spot a black and white hamster in that mix as well, just not as often as the other colors. Most people think black and white hamsters are rare because they often don’t last long at a pet store because people think they’re rare and take them home.

    But as with all rules, there are exceptions. The black and white color scheme isn’t super rare, but finding certain breeds that have a black and white mix can be a challenge. Chinese hamsters are often difficult to find with the monochrome look, thus making them more expensive at any pet store.

    Most hamster owners tend to purchase hamsters based on their uniqueness and black and white hamsters are particularly unique. So while they aren’t naturally rare, you may have difficulty finding one because everyone wants one as a pet.

    What Type of Hamster is Black and White?

    Many different breeds of hamster can come in black and white, but the most common breeds are dwarf hamsters. They are commonly known as teddy bear hamsters because of their unique look and similarity to a panda.

    Dwarf hamsters are naturally small and will only grow to be about 3 – 4 inches long. While you can find other hamster breeds with that monochromatic look, since dwarf hamsters are the most common type of hamster, it will be easier to find dwarf than other types. But not impossible!

    As with all hamsters, they love exploring their environment, staying active, and are fairly easy to care for as a pet. They are mostly low maintenance, but still require a lot of attention and work, most notably cleaning their cage. They need fresh water and food on a daily basis and enough toys, tubes and tunnels to stay active with their high metabolism.

    If you’re thinking of getting a hamster, a black and white dwarf hamster is a great pick. You can get a unique color scheme, while still keeping that standard hamster behavior we’ve all come to know and love.

    How Long Do Black and White Hamsters Live?

    Black and white hamsters have the same life span of any other hamster, which is 2 to 3 years on average. This is predicated on the fact that they are well taken care of, maintain a healthy diet, and get enough exercise to stay happy and healthy in their cage.

    A hamster’s color scheme doesn’t affect their life span at all. But keeping their stress levels low and feeding them a well-balanced diet and occasional fruits and vegetables, will keep their body in tip top shape. Keeping a clean cage is a requirement too, so you can avoid common and fatal illnesses, like wet tail.

    And always make sure to give them enough toys and activities to stay engaged. Sad, lonely, or sluggish behavior can shorten a hamster’s lifespan, so make sure to give them enough attention and serotonin to keep them happy and live a long life.

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    Black and white hamsters are a great option for anyone looking to own a hamster with a unique and exotic color scheme. While they’re not particularly rare, they are often sought after and can be hard to find in pet stores because of their unique design.

    As with all hamsters, the same rules apply. They need a well-balanced diet, clean cages, plenty of activity, and lots of attention, but they can be fairly low maintenance just with all other hamsters.

    So if you’re thinking of getting a black and white hamster, we hope this article has been helpful and given you more to think about regarding a monochromatic furry friend.