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How Much do Hamster Vet Bills Cost?

From cages, bedding, toys, and more, vet bills are one of the many costs that come with owning a hamster. It’s important to take your hamster to the vet if they are sick, injured, or their behavior has you worried about their overall health.

In the following article, we’re going to cover the general cost of taking your hamster to the vet along with other helpful information that will help you better understand the cost, when you should take your hamster, and what type of vet to see. By the end of this article, you should have a much better understanding of veterinary trips for your furry friend.

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    How Much do Hamster Vet Bills Cost?

    Hamster vet bills will cost anywhere between $25 and $300 depending on the reason for the visit, whether you have pet insurance, and how much your vet typically charges for their services.

    How Much do Hamster Vet Bills Cost
    A hamster vet bill will cost between $25 and $300 per visit

    No one ever wants to take their pet to the vet because it’s generally out of concern for their health or an injury. But regular vet visits are encouraged to not only diagnose potential health issues before they show signs, but also to prevent long-term issues.

    For a simple visit to the vet that only requires a basic check up or simple examination, you can expect to pay around $25 – $50. If there’s no problems, you can expect some basic checks by your veterinarian and then be sent on your way.

    If you are taking your furry friend in for a deeper diagnosis or more advanced examination, such as x-rays or a broken leg, you may be on the hook for anywhere from $100 – $300.

    The reason for the big difference in price is because veterinarians, just like doctors, charge different amounts for different services. If you were to go the doctor for a check up, you may only pay a $15 copay. But if you need to get more advanced medical work done, such as blood tests, your doctor charges extra for that. Veterinarians are no different with the type of billing they conduct.

    Why are Hamster Vet Bills So Expensive?

    Hamster vet bills are so expensive because hamsters are considered a small, exotic animal and rarely have pet health insurance. As a result and without insurance, you are paying 100% of the actual cost of the vet visit.

    Why are Hamster Vet Bills So Expensive
    Hamsters generally don’t have pet insurance assigned to them

    As mentioned earlier, for simple checkups, you can expect to pay less and for more advanced tests, you can expect to pay more. On the surface this makes sense, but you may be wondering why overall vet bills are just generally more expensive than even healthcare bills for regular people. And there are two reasons for that.

    First, hamsters are considered exotic animals, so veterinarians may need additional training or education to provide hamster specific healthcare. And if they have this additional training, they may charge more for their services.

    Second and more likely is that not everyone has pet health insurance. If you were to go to the doctor for a check up or procedure, the actual cost of is heavily subsidized by insurance. If you were to get the actual bill without insurance, you would likely pay 3x – 4x the amount that you’re billed. And the same is true for pet healthcare, however pet health insurance isn’t nearly as common.

    As a result, if you don’t have pet insurance for your furry friend, you can expect to pay the full cost without any subsidization from an insurance company. And health insurance for hamsters is very rare because unfortunately, hamsters just don’t have a long life span and there isn’t much in terms of medical practice that can be done if there is an issue.

    What Type of Vet Sees Hamsters?

    What Type of Vet Sees Hamsters
    Vets trained trained in small and exotic animals will treat hamsters

    Not all vets will see or treat hamsters. Veterinarians that have education and experience in treating exotic animals will be more likely to see and treat your hamster for any medical issues.

    While it may seem odd, hamsters are considered exotic animals in the veterinarian industry. And because of this, not all veterinarians are trained or willing to treat hamsters like they would treat cats or dogs. Other exotic animals include turtles, chinchillas, iguanas, and others

    So if you need to take your hamster to the vet, make sure you call and ask specifically if they treat hamsters and what they can do. Some veterinarians may do check-ups, but avoid any procedures or dispensing medicine.

    It’s important to find the right veterinarian that is trained and has experience in treating small animals, such as hamsters. While some veterinarians may offer to treat hamsters, you want a vet that has experience and can identify signs of potential health issues.

    Should I Get Pet Health Insurance for My Hamster?

    Pet health insurance should generally be reserved for cats, dogs, and other more common animals with longer lifespans and medical procedures that may warrant a higher cost that needs to be offset with insurance.

    Should I Get Pet Health Insurance for My Hamster

    Hamsters generally aren’t great candidates for pet health insurance because their life span is so short and there aren’t many medical procedures dedicated to prolonging their lifespan. It’s unfortunate to say, but most people, including companies don’t have a vested interest in spending thousands of dollars to extend the life of their hamster by a few months when the average lifespan is only 18 – 36 months.

    The trick with knowing when to get health insurance for your pet is if you think the total cost of the insurance will eventually be offset by a medical procedure down the road. However, the long-term healthcare for hamsters is almost non-existent.

    So even if you can find an insurance company that will cover your furry friend, it’s unlikely to make a difference in the long-term.

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    And there you have it! This article was meant to give a glimpse into the area of veterinarian bills for your furry friend.

    Hamster veterinarian bills can run you anywhere from $25 – $300 depending on the complexity of the visit. A simple check-up will likely be around $25 – $50, while any more advanced procedures or medicine can run upwards of $300. You may also see different prices from different veterinarians just because some vets charge different prices based on the overall demand in their area.

    And hamster bills are generally more expensive because they require vets that are trained in exotic and small animals, which aren’t as common as general vets that treat cats and dogs.

    As always, the information presented in this articles should be discussed with your veterinarian to receive the most accurate advice specific to your situation.