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I Never See My Hamster Drink Water

A common concern that hamster owners have is never actually seeing their furry friend drink water. Seems odd, but if you’ve never seen your hamster take a drink, you may be wondering if they’re getting enough water or whether they’re drinking anything at all.

If you ask yourself these questions, you’re not alone and you’re in the right spot because we’re going to do a deep dive into why you never see your hamster drinking water and what you should do about it.

Don’t assume they’re getting enough water, but don’t panic either. We’ll talk about easy ways to make sure your hamster is getting enough water, but first check out this table of contents if you’d like to jump to any specific section in the article.

Table of Contents

    Why do I never see my hamster drink water?

    Hamsters aren’t often observed drinking water because they are shy, prey animals that become nervous around people and other animals. Because of this they often won’t eat or drink in front of people.

    Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to ensure that your hamster is getting the necessary water intake to keep them healthy. While you may not be seeing them drink water, there’s also a chance they just aren’t drinking any water at all and that needs to be addressed.

    Why do I never see my hamster drink water

    One way to ensure your hamster is drinking water is to check the water levels in their bowl or water bottle every day to ensure the water is going down a regular amount. If the water level remains steady, you know your hamster isn’t drinking enough water.

    The other thing to keep in mind is that hamsters are nocturnal animals, meaning they are up at night and sleep during the day. And you are likely the opposite, sleeping at night and awake during the day. As a result, you may just be missing the times when your hamster is eating and drinking water, even if they are getting enough each day.

    That’s why checking the water levels is so important because even if you miss your furry friend taking a drink, you’ll know that they did.

    And finally, hamsters only drink very small amounts of water because they are so small. Even a few drops is enough to quench any thirst whereas you might not even recognize that they drank anything.

    Because of this, hamsters may not need a lot of water in their cage, but it’s important that they always have access to fresh, clean water.

    How do I get my hamster to drink water?

    To get your hamster to drink water, ensure that they always have access to clean and fresh water, use a water bottle to make it easy, and show them how it works with your finger. The trick is making it as easy and convenient as possible for your hamster.

    If you’re worried about your hamster not getting the water they need and you’ve already started documenting the water levels and confirmed they aren’t drinking, it’s time to take the next step.

    The most important thing to remember is you have to make it easy and convenient for your hamster to drink. Giving them dirty, old water or making their water source inaccessible or in a spot that makes them scared will only deter them from drinking.

    If you want to know the steps you should take to get your hamster to drink water, check out the list of action items below:

    Time Needed: 10 minutes

    Follow these steps to get your hamster to drink water.

    • Ensure the water is easily accessible

      When you look at their water source, is it easy accessible? Do they need to climb or struggle to get to it? If so, consider making it easier for your furry friend to access.

    • Keep the water in a safe place

      Similar to making the water accessible, ensure that it’s in a spot in their cage that they consider safe. If it’s near the front exposed to a large area or other animals, your hamster may feel nervous about drinking from it. By moving it to the back of their cage or another spot that is out of sight, your hamster may feel more comfortable letting their guard down to take a drink.

    • Give only clean and fresh water

      Always give your hamster clean and fresh water to drink from. Don’t give them old water bottles or water that’s been left out to become stale. It sounds odd, but giving your hamster the best water you can will potentially help in getting them to drink more.

    • Regularly change their water

      Just as you wouldn’t want to drink water that’s been sitting out for days, your hamster doesn’t want to either. That’s why it’s important to change their water every 2 days to ensure they’re regularly getting a fresh, clean source of water.

    • Add a small drop of honey to the water bottle cap

      If all else fails, try adding a small drop of honey to the water bottle cap where they drink from to make it more enticing to drink. This shouldn’t be done regularly because it isn’t healthy, but if it gets your hamster in a habit to drink from the water bottle, it can go a long way in ensuring they’re getting enough water.

    If your hamster isn’t drinking water and you’ve confirmed this by measuring their water levels each day, try the steps outlined above. Sometimes hamsters need a safe place to drink and encouragement, but soon enough they’ll start chugging water to stay happy and healthy.

    Do hamsters not drink a lot of water?

    Hamsters generally don’t drink a lot of water because they are small animals and get some of their hydration intake through water-rich foods, such as fruits and vegetables.

    Do hamsters not drink a lot of water

    However, it’s important that your hamster always has a clean and fresh source of water in their cage. Just because they don’t drink a lot doesn’t mean they don’t get thirsty. And even if you’re not seeing your hamster drink water, it’s very likely that they’re just drinking when you’re not around. Hamsters don’t like attention since they are prey animals in the wild, so they only eat and drink when they feel safe.

    Just because your hamster doesn’t drink a lot, doesn’t mean they don’t need a source of clean and fresh water.

    But if you notice your hamster not drinking any water, it could be a sign of dehydration or a medical issue. Always consult with a veterinarian if you think this is the case to get a professional medical opinion specific to your hamster’s situation.

    Additional reading

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    Hamsters are small animals that don’t need much water to begin with, but if you think your hamster isn’t drinking water you should take immediate steps to avoid any sever medical issues.

    Your furry friend needs water to survive, just like any other animal, so it’s important that they drink. However, hamsters are shy animals since they are prey in the wild. That means they don’t like eating or drinking in front of other animals, including you.

    That’s why it’s so important to always make your hamster feel safe and secure, as well as ensuring they have plenty of fresh and clean water in their cage. Your hamster will drink eventually, but you can take the steps outlined in this article to make sure they’re getting what they need.

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